Type-safe REST-API to perform CRUD ops on a school-db model.

🔨= [TypeScript, NextJs, Tailwind, Prisma, Postgres]

↗ (Github)

Drake Quotes API

A public site & API for serving random Drake quotes & lyrics with Tweeting capability.

🔨= [TypeScript, NextJs, Tailwind]

↗ (Demo)

Monte-Carlo Poker

Monte Carlo Simulator for Texas-Holdem used to calculate Poker hand probabilities.

🔨= [Python, SQLite3, Seaborn, Unittest]

↗ (Github)


Personal budgeting tool that helps keep track of all your expenses.

🔨= [React, Redux-TK, Tailwind, Vite, Cypress (E2E)]

↗ (Demo)


Enhanced "On This Day" web-app using YouTube & Wikipedia APIs.

🔨= [Next, Tailwind, Axios, Cypress (E2E)]

↗ (Demo)


Dotenv linter program written in GoLang

🔨= [GoLang]

↗ (Demo)


VS Code extension for JavaScript DS&A code snippets.

🔨= [JavaScript]

↗ (Demo)

Weather App

Basic web-app that displays useful meteorological data for a given city using the Openweathermap API.

🔨= [JavaScript, HTML, CSS]

↗ (Demo)

Folder Organizer Script

Python script that organizes a dir by iteratively creating and populating subdir's based on file ext's.

🔨= [Python]

↗ (Github)